Making Automation a Breeze.

Clear2there is an innovative, full-service provider of market-leading smart-home, smart-business, smart-farm and smart-healthcare solutions for service providers, including broadband operators, regional telephone, data and mobile communications providers, cable operators and electric utilities. Clear2there’s broad solutions portfolio includes feature-rich video surveillance, advanced communications and IoT technologies that are targeted for both business and consumer use.

Smart Home Solutions

Smart home technology can help your customers simplify their life and provide them with the peace of mind they need, while they are away from home.  Full-featured home automation packages are available to service providers and include the most cost effective and energy efficient centralized video storage solution in the industry. With InfiniVi in your data center and central office, you can take advantage of the direct network connection to your customers and provide them with cloud video storage services at prices your competition cannot match.

Smart Home Solutions from Clear2there include:

  • Appliance and Lighting Controls
  • Digital Door Locks
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Motion and Lighting Sensors
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and Equipment

Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business solutions can help your customers stay connected with remote access and programmable alerts, allowing them to protect their business, employees and assets.

You can now provide your small business customers with value-added automation and energy management solutions that increase their efficiency and reduce costs. Services for businesses go beyond residential and can include advanced capabilities such as energy phase management, Video Integrated Point-of-Sale, HVAC, commercial equipment monitoring, and more.

Clear2there’s business automation suite, powered by Viewbiquity, can be customized and marketed under your own brand.

Smart Business Solutions from Clear2there include:

  • Video Storage with Remote Live View
  • Thermostat Controls and Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • Locks
  • Air Conditioning Monitoring and Controls
  • Motion Detection
  • Water Leaks and Freezing Notifications
  • Refrigeration Temperature Controls
  • Security and Alarm Monitoring
  • Many different sensors and devices for specific applications

Smart Farm Solutions

Smart farm technology can provide your agriculture customers the tools they need to monitor all aspects of their farm at anytime and from anywhere.

By seamlessly integrating various types of devices, sensors, and controls used in the agriculture arena customers can achieve maximum efficiency, access and performance all at a reasonable cost.

Smart farm services can also deliver value through inventory management, sensor monitoring, and automated controls for livestock facilities, access control and surveillance.

Smart Farm Solutions from Clear2there include:

  • Bin Master SmartBob solutions for grain, silo, feed management
  • Livestock environment monitoring
  • Security, video surveillance live remote and archived viewing
  • Smart locks, access controls
  • Energy Management
  • GPS Tracking

Smart Care Solutions

Smart Care solutions can help your customers stay connected with remote access and programmable alerts, protecting their most precious assets, the ones they love. Leveraging advanced technology to allow elderly relatives to stay in their homes longer and monitoring solutions for sick or injured family members.

Smart Care solutions also include shower pull cords, bedside alarms, fall detection devices, panic or alert pendants and other vital sign monitoring devices to provide added comfort and security to your customers and their loved ones.

Smart Care Solutions from Clear2there include:

  • Alert Pendants
  • Bedside Alarms
  • Fall Detection Devices
  • Thermostat Controls and Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • Locks
  • Motion Detection
  • Security and Alarm Monitoring
  • Shower Pull Cords
  • Video Storage with Remote Live View
  • Vital Sign Monitoring