A leading provider of high-performance networked storage solutions.

Infortrend stands as one of the few fully integrated technology firms in the world to be completely dedicated to storage systems as well as related software and services. Infortrend researches, designs, and manufactures its products in-house with complete control over the entire process, leveraging leading expertise in engineering, industrial design, manufacturing and service.  They place great emphasis on providing customers with choice and flexibility, with a product range that meets diverse needs – from those of small businesses to large-scale big data applications including the ever increasing demands of cloud computing and virtualization infrastructures.

Infortrend offers high-performance storage products by combining the award-winning hardware, advanced firmware and user-friendly software that incorporate the leading trends in storage technology. Supporting a wide array of interfaces and capacities, Infortrend storage solutions help businesses of all sizes efficiently store their mission-critical data. High-availability hardware design and excellent data services protect data and ensure business continuity.

EonStor GS Family

The EonStor GS Family is a single consolidated file, block and object storage system with cloud-integrated features. Its compact design requires less space and consumes less power, making configurations and maintenance simpler and easier. Furthermore, the EonStor GS Family also provides users with power in excellent performances and data services, flexibility with Flash or hybrid configurations, availability with dual controllers and IDR, and complete cloud features.

Why EonStor GS? It offers everything you need, all in one system:

  • Unified Storage – providing file, block and object service in one storage system
  • Simplicity – The user-friendly EonOne management interface provides a single control center for system management and resources monitoring
  • Exceptional Cost Performance – Outstanding IOPS and throughput performance, comprehensive data services, All Flash / Hybrid Flash storage ready, multiple host interface options, supports up to 300+ drives with high density JBODs
  • Cloud Integrated – Intelligent data allocation algorithms allows for excellent utilization of cloud
  • Availability & Reliability – IDR support to make sure all hard drives are healthy to prevent from rebuild, Super capacitor for cache protection, dual controllers and non-single-point-of-failure hardware design

EonStor GSe Family

The Infortrend EonStor GSe Family provides unified storage solutions that incorporate full-featured NAS and SAN with enterprise level data services and RAID protection to deliver the best storage of the highest standards, allowing SMBs and SMEs to easily and cost-effectively integrate and expand their storage architecture into cloud services.

Why EonStor GSe?

  • Unified storage providing file, block and object storage
  • Supports All-flash and hybrid configurations
  • Outstanding IOPS and throughput performance
  • Optional cloud-integration for easy expansion and stunning cloud-archive performance
  • Comprehensive data protection and data services

EonStor DS Family

Enterprises require storage systems that enable continuous productivity and uninterrupted service. EonStor DS products deliver great performance thanks to innovative inclusion of the latest technology and interconnect standards. They feature renowned Infortrend reliability and an emphasis on high availability. Systems provide a modular design that makes maintenance and upgrades simple, especially with easily upgradable host boards. The product family stands at the forefront of SSD optimization and wide scalability, so that a diverse range of EonStor DS models readily meet enterprise needs, enhanced with user friendly interfaces and data services such as 4-level automated storage tiering, snapshot, smart media scan, and thin provisioning.

Why EonStor DS?

  • Mid-range DAS and SAN storage designed for SMBs
  • High performance with segment-defining IOPS and throughput
  • Storage solutions made easy, secure, fast, and efficient
  • User friendly SANWatch software provides simple management and access
  • Modular, cable-less design offers effortless maintenance and upgrades

EonServ Family

The Infortrend EonServ Family is a hybrid server-storage designed with the best cost-performance ratio in mind. Providing the best of both worlds, it combines server performance with Infortrend’s RAID storage data protection so users can rest assured that their stored data is safe from accidental or mechanical errors.

Why EonServ?

  • Hybrid integration – providing a stable performance with Infortrend’s unique RAID technologies
  • High scalability – built-in SAS expansion ports for JBODs with support of 316 drives
  • System hardware advantage – cable-less design with modular components for easy maintenance
  • User-friendly GUI – EonOne Lite’s one-button-per-page design is intuitive and easy to use
  • IDR features – intelligent drive recovery (IDR) support to make sure all hard drives are healthy to prevent from rebuild and for better data protection